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Commercial Roofing Services carries the distinction of being an Elite and Master contractor with Duro-Last, Inc. This distinction is attributed to roofing companies who consistently perform above average and have the experience and expertise to perform at high levels of excellence in the application of Duro-Last.

Jeff Butler, founder and president of Commercial Roofing Services, regards the Duro-Last roofing system as the most cost effective roofing membrane on the market today, offering the customer his greatest value over time.

Here's why:

  • The membrane is white, light reflective, and has performed consistently over two decades. Other products are subject to frequent formula changes in membrane components, have questionable performance records, or major limitations in their warranties. 
  • The Duro-Last roofing system is precision fabricated to fit each building perfectly, and delivered to the job site with up to 85 percent of the seaming already completed in a quality controlled factory setting. Your roof goes on faster, with less disruption and chance of leaks.
  • Our customer's investment continues to pay off year after year because of the white, light reflective attributes of Duro-Last. Duro-Last has the highest maintained light-reflectivity of any white membrane on the market today, and this means savings on energy costs for our clients. 
  • The security of a 15 year No Dollar Limit Warranty with no exclusion for ponding water. This warranty covers both labor and materials

Call Commercial Roofing Services today to find out more about this excellent product and the team of trained professionals waiting to assist you in you or your company's next roofing project!


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Duro-Last comes in large (up to 2,500 square foot) sections and is manufactured to your roof's specifications in a quality controlled environment.
Commercial Roofing Services team begins a re-roofing project.

EPS insulation is fastened with DL screws and insulation plates over new wood decking.


Unrolling the large, custom prefabricated sheets on the roof deck. Up to 85 percent of all seams are factory welded in DL's quality controlled environment. This reduces rooftop labor and installation error, and maximizes the success of our goal: your leak proof roof!
Wood decking, insulation, and plastic separator with 40 mil Duro-Last membrane unfolding as job progresses.

Duro-Last's membrane is strong and comes in 40, 50, and even 60 mil thicknesses. 40 mil is an excellent choice for most applications because the strength of Duro-Last is in the tightly woven knitted polyester scrim laminated between two layers of proprietary thermoplastic membrane.

When compared to other roofing products, Duro-Last stands out bringing strength, durability, and security to your roofing project.
Duro-Last is mechanically fastened to the deck with poly plates and screws using a tab system. The plates hold the screw and lock it down as it penetrates the tab. The Duro-Last is stretched over the tab and pulled to the deck tightly, revealing the next tab, and so on, across your roof.
  A Commercial Roofing Services team makes quick work of large roofs. Because of the strong lightweight material many projects that would require a costly tear-off for the application of another roofing system are a simple overlay project with DL. Here, Commercial Roofing Service makes good time on an old worn out tar and gravel roof. No costly tear-off needed.

Overlay, Office complex in Overland Park, Kansas.
Progressing across the roof the DL membrane stretches, white, tight, and light, adding value by helping cut energy costs for Commercial Roofing customers. Duro-Last is a charter partner of the EPA ENERGY STAR Roof Products Program!

Overlay, Office complex in Overland Park, Kansas.
Overcoming obstacles: custom curbs and stacks are tightly fitted to protrusions on the roof deck. Here, a Commercial Roofing team member puts the finishing touches on a curb to insure water tightness. Your satisfaction with our workmanship is guaranteed!
Curb and stack details.
Non-factory welded seams are hand welded on the roof deck. At job's end a Duro-Last inspector goes over each seam and checks for water tightness and integrity of workmanship. Commercial Roofing Service has consistently passed the test and has gained an Elite and Master contractor status for its excellence in workmanship.
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