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ERS (Elastomeric Roofing Systems, Inc) is a national leader in cool roofing technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies.

ERSystems highly reflective roof coatings and membranes are Energy Star certified, meet LEED requirements and have been used to restore millions of square feet of metal, BUR, single ply membrane and foam roofing systems.

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The founder of ERSystems has been involved in roof coatings industry for over 30 years and was instrumental in developing the first acrylic coatings used in roofing.


ERSystems is a charter member of the DOE's Energy Star Roof Products Program, was instrumental in developing the Cool Roof Rating Council, and was one of the first roof coatings manufacturers to have products that meet USGBC LEED requirements for reflectivity and emissivity.
Metal roof before the ERSystems coating. Each elastomeric coating is designed to stretch, flex, bend and twist as the building moves. This makes it an excellent choice for restoring metal roofing systems that have outlived their initial warranty and leaks are becoming an issue.
Metal roof after the ERSystems coating. A complete line of roof restoration systems combine high reflectivity with outstanding physical performance
Metal roof after ERS application.
ERS Systems highly reflective roof coatings are Energy Star certified, meet LEED requirements, and have been used to restore millions of square feet of metal, BUR, single ply membrane, and foam roofing systems. Here a metal roof has been restored using the ERS Coating.
A close up of a metal roof coated with ERS System coating (Urethane/Acrylic). ERS acrylic roof coating rust-proofs, restores, and waterproofs metal roofs. A 10 year warranty is available through certified contractors.
Penetrations and Flashings are sealed with at least 60 wet mils thickness for 3 to 4 inches around the base of penetrations. PolySoft II fabric may be embedded during the sealing process to bridge gaps and reinforce the membrane.
Finish coating is at least 10 mil minimum over the general field of the roof.
Torch down roof before ERSystem coating.
Torchdown roof after ERSystem coating. The ERSystem three-step process effectively protects and seals seams, renewing and extending the useful life of the roof.
Torchdown roof after ERSystem applications.
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