For the Air Guard near Kansas City International Airport the installation of a white roofing membrane from Commercial Roofing Services was a happy and successful experience as well as one that saved them money. Commercial Roofing Services President, Mr. Jeff Butler, believes strongly in building trust with his clients and the value of long-term relationships. "Our goal," Mr. Butler states, "is doing the job right and treating people right."
The project consisted of the installation of approximately 111,000 square feet of white Duro- Last roofing membrane.
"The original roof was tar and gravel built up," notes Mr. Butler, "and problems with the system included an outdated roof assembly with failure at the penetrations, perimeter edges, and firewalls."
Blistering in the field area and sizeable previously attempted repairs were noted upon assessment
Over 200 roof top units, numerous penetrations, and gas lines were just some of the obstacles that were overcome
The Duro-Last white roofing membrane is highly light reflective and repels up to 86% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Mr. Butler explains: "The installation of a white roofing membrane has the potential to save the building owner money on energy costs. These savings can actually help the customer pay for his roof. The savings experienced is realized most by the building owner who conditions his building year round."
Commercial Roofing Services believes that the installation of a white roofing membrane is the most economical installation on the market today. Decreased life cycle costs, repair costs, and conditioning costs are just some of the reasons to contact Commercial Roofing Services today about your next roofing project.
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