Falkner Plumbing in St. Joseph, Missouri had a history of leaks and failed roofing solutions before Commercial Roofing Services was contracted to solve the problems permanently. The old, worn out BUR did not need to be torn off to install a new, 40 ml roofing system from Duro-Last Corporation. This saved actual roofing time and was cost effective for our client
The Duro-Last system is mechanically attached to the existing deck via a tab system. A free 15 year warranty from Duro-Last Corporation is issued at job’s end.
Parapet walls are properly flashed and heat welded by CRS technician. All seams are checked by Duro-Last Quality Control representative after roofing project is complete. No man made glues or solvents are used to attach the membrane to the existing roof.
Existing roof stack flashed and banded
Looking across the deck as project nears completion. Parapet material is taken up the parapet walls and terminated on parapet top on this project.
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